Maternal and Child Health Concentration

The Brown University School of Public Health has substantial strengths in Maternal and Child Health (MCH). This includes a vibrant core of interdisciplinary faculty focused on MCH issues from the prenatal period through adolescents. The Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute was launched in 2016, presenting new opportunities for expanding MCH research and education programs at Brown. This is in addition to the existing School of Public Health research centers that include a focus on MCH issues. Beyond the strengths within the School of Public Health, active MCH collaborations extend to the Brown University affiliated hospitals, state government, local government, community organizations and industry.

Maternal and Child Health Concentration-Specific Competencies

In addition to the standard MPH Program Competencies, students in the MCH Concentration will meet the following:

  • Evaluate the extent of a maternal and child health problem in a defined population.
  • Recommend the interventions a defined community should undertake to address a given maternal or child health problem.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of policies related to maternal or child health.
  • Concisely synthesize data from studies on barriers to maternal or child health.
  • Critique the methods used in maternal or child health epidemiologic research.
  • Use age-appropriate epidemiologic methods to design a study of maternal or child health.

Maternal and Child Health Concentration Courses:

Complete all of the following maternal and child health courses:

  • PHP1900  Epidemiology of Disorders and Diseases of Childhood and Young Adulthood (Fall)
  • PHP1950 Adolescent and Young Adult Health (Spring course, but not offered in Spring 2022)  
  • PHP2023  Maternal and Child Health in the United States ( Fall)
  • PHP2220F  Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology (Fall)

Select one of the following applied research methods courses:

  •  PHP2024 Engaged Scholarship for Maternal and Child Health (Spring)
  • PHP2030  Clinical Trials Methods (Fall)
  • PHP2040  Survey Research Methods (Spring) 
  • PHP2060  Qualitative Methods (Fall and Spring)
  • PHP2300  Behavioral Research Methods (Fall)
  • PHP2415  Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine (Spring)
  • Geol1320  Introduction to Geographic Info Systems for Environmental Applications
  • Soc2612  Geographic Info Systems and Spatial Analysis for the Social Sciences (Spring)

Sample Schedule MPH Maternal and Child Health Concentration - quantitative focus -Fall Epi 

Sample Schedule MPH Maternal and Child Health Concentration - qualitative focus - Spring Epi 


Maternal and Child Health Concentration Lead

Siraj Amanullah, MD, MPH
[email protected]