Dan Harris, MPH ’18

Before coming to Brown, I referred to public health as my ‘academic sweet tooth.’ I satisfied my cravings by reading public health-related books and talking with friends about health equity and disparities. Now, my once ‘sweet tooth’ has evolved into a passionate career in health services research.

With Dr. Kali Thomas and collaborators at the Alpert Medical School, I published a paper in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry that identified associations between anxious symptoms and sleeping medication use among older adults. Dr. Thomas and I, along with collaborators in Health Services Research, began a new study longitudinally investigating the protective effects of technology use on cognitive decline in older adults.

During my MPH, I was also privileged to work on a number of research projects with Healthcentric Advisors (HCA), a local quality improvement organization. With the support of mentors at HCA, I published studies measuring the predictors and discussing the policy implications of medication use in nursing homes.