Health Equity Scholars Program

The program will provide select, highly qualified students from historically underrepresented groups will be offered:

  • A full tuition scholarship for the MPH Program at Brown University
  • Enhanced mentorship
  • Internships focused on addressing the impact of racism and other social determinants of health

The program is being launched with a commitment of five fellowship positions available to be awarded in the 2020-2021 academic year. In this first year, eligible applicants will include:

In future years we will look to develop innovative partnerships with additional Historically Black Colleges and Universities as well as Hispanic Serving Institutions. We also plan to expand eligibility for the fellowship program to applicants from historically underrepresented groups from any college or university.

Current events have again reinforced the terrible public health impact of racism.  The Brown University School of Public Health is committed to addressing racism, poverty and other social determinants of health that drive the terrible health disparities that exist in the United States and throughout the world.  Key to this mission is training the next generation of public health leaders who will devote themselves to addressing health disparities. We are re-dedicating our efforts to expand the diversity of students entering our MPH Program and to provide high quality applied learning opportunities for students to address health disparities through research and public health practice while they gain the skills for their future career.  This includes launching the new Health Equity Scholars Program which will provide scholarship support, along with enhanced mentorship and applied public health learning opportunities to students from historically underrepresented groups who are dedicated to addressing health disparities.  The new fellowship program builds on the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership in Public Health.

In 1964, Brown University and Tougaloo College developed a cooperative agreement designed to enrich both campuses academically, financially and culturally. The Brown-Tougaloo Cooperative Exchange emerged out of the turbulent Civil Rights Movement. Fifty years later, the partnership continues to evolve and thrive, remaining a significant asset to both schools. Over 760 students and faculty have participated in the Brown-Tougaloo program, creating a shared history that has enriched educational experiences on both campuses. Building on this long history, Brown established the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership in Public Health which allows Tougaloo students to apply early, so that they can take advantage of the unique educational opportunities at both Tougaloo and Brown, thereby getting the best of what both institutions have to offer. In the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership in Public Health Education, students study at both Tougaloo College and Brown University, ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree from Tougaloo and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Brown. The program is five or six years in length, depending on the individual needs and educational path of the students. Students are officially enrolled as undergraduates at Tougaloo College for the first four years of the program and are enrolled as Brown graduate students for year five and if necessary, year six.