Meet the Health Equity Scholars

  • Kristopher Britton

    Kristopher Britton

    Undergraduate Institution: Morehouse College

    To me, health equity means that every person is equally able to live a healthy life regardless of their race, color, or belief. My future professional goal is to become a Pediatrician with a focus on environmental exposures that affect children’s health.

    Research interests: Maternal and child health; impacts of environmental factors on child and adolescent development.

  • Burks

    Shaunessey Burks

    Undergraduate Institution: Alcorn State University

    Health equity to me means that everyone across this nation and the many others have fair access to be as healthy as possible in every aspect (mental, physical, occupational, and environmental health etc.) regardless of education, income level, sexual orientation, race, or geographic. Fair is the key word not equal!

    I plan to use my biomedical engineering background in correlation with Public Health to help reduce some of the environmental and occupational health exposures that affect low wage workers and their families. I hope to be an Industrial Hygienist.

    Research interests: Environmental and occupational health; community engagement and addressing health disparities.

  • Coleman

    Justin Coleman

    Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College (UG/MPH)

    I am familiar with public health as I was a part of the Jackson Heart Study, which is a cardiovascular research centered cohort that looks at CVD amongst African Americans in MS. I plan on making my concentration epidemiology, so I can continue to focus my interest on cardiovascular disease centered around African Americans.

    Research interests: Cardiology and increased risk factors for heart disease among African Americans

  • Nii Comey

    Abednego (Nii) Comey

    Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College (UG/MPH)

    To me, health equity means providing more available opportunities to the community to live a healthy life no matter who they are, where they live, or their financial bracket. My future professional goals lie in the field of healthcare consulting and/or pharmaceutical epidemiology.

    Research interests: Maternal and child health, environmental impacts on children (lead exposure); epidemiology.

  • Ford

    Meagan Ford

    Undergraduate Institution: Jackson State University

    My future goals include organizing and managing community-based wellness programs that promote healthy lifestyles and provide adequate resources in under-served populations. Ideally, I would like to develop my own foundation that supplies these services to the homeless as well. I believe that educating people, especially minorities, is a vital factor in advancing society, preventing illness, and reducing health disparities. By doing this, we can work toward achieving health equity and ensure that all people have access to and receive amazing healthcare regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual orientation

    Research interests: community-based wellness programs in underserved areas

  • jackson

    Katia Jackson

    Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina A&T State University

    I believe that health equity means providing solutions for the individuals and communities that do not have the knowledge, access, and opportunity to make the best optimal decisions for their health and well-being. My future goals are to be a resource that can be part of the solution.

    Research interests: Racial and ethnic health disparities, mental health barriers in under-represented communities, Black women’s health, nutrition and obesity risk.

  • Kinsler

    Kayla Kinsler

    Undergraduate Institution: Howard University

    I am passionate about bridging the gap in quality maternal healthcare for Black women in America. I aspire to be a health equity strategist focusing on maternal health outcomes.

    Research interests: Maternal and child health; maternal mortality rates among Black women; health disparities and access to care.

  • Lee

    Khiara Lee

    Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College (UG/MPH program)

    I am Khiara Lee, from Coldwater, MS. My future goal related to health equity is lowering the percentage of African American women that have life threatening complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

    Research interests: Maternal and child health; maternal mortality among Black women. Health behavior, mental health.

  • Mitchell

    Malek Mitchell

    Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina A&T State University

    Health equity to me means way more than the literal definition of the word. Health equity to me means actively seeking justice through education, policy change, and community service for those who cannot combat injustices in healthcare. In the future, I plan to establish health equity and diminish health disparities through becoming a medical doctor and public health researcher.

    Research interests: Preventative health education for minorities and underserved groups, especially those in rural areas.

  • Smith

    Kristen Smith

    Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College (UG/MPH)

    By improving opportunities for all in the areas of healthcare, health equity ensures a healthier, brighter future. It is a topic that is deeply rooted in my personal morals and values; health equity transforms countless lives.

    Research interests: Social determinants of health, health equity

  • stanislaus

    Jalisa Stanislaus

    Undergraduate Institution: Hampton University

    Health equity is freedom. It’s unrestricted access to vital resources, education and safe environments, regardless of socioeconomic status or ethnic background.

    Research interests: Racial inequities and STD risk; testing and treatment for HIV and HCV. Resilience, cardiovascular disease, and HIV-related outcomes.

  • thomas

    Cedonia Thomas

    Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College (UG/MPH)

    Health equity, to me, means unveiling the underlying barriers that create overwhelming disproportion in health outcomes. My future goals include working to address these barriers with an emphasis on health disparities

    Research interests: Disease prevention, promoting health in the Black community, chronic illness, health disparities

  • williams

    Levell Williams

    Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College (UG/MPH)

    Health equity to me is a mission that demands that wielders of influence and resources act with historical integrity, making concerted and honest efforts, to disperse their means, so that no community is deprived of available resources for accessing life of desirable quality and length. In our media-saturated age, I aspire to use communications to deliver health messages to layperson populations, creating a more equitable understanding of health access.

    Research interests: Health communications, community engagement