Final Project Presentations: PHP2365 Public Health Issues in LGBT Populations

May 2, 2016

Before a room full of their classmates, along with visiting guest faculty from the School of Public Health and the Warren Alpert Medical School, the students in Professor Don Operario‚Äôs graduate level seminar presented their final projects on April 27. With topics ranging from mental health services available for LGBTQ students on college campuses, to the LGBTQ competence of Brown's Warren Alpert Medical School, the students worked alone or in groups to research topics relevant to sexual minority populations in the local community. Their presentations described both the public health relevance and potential impact of their work, along with the methodological procedures they undertook to complete the research.

Rather than traditional academic talks, the students gave Ignite presentations. An Ignite presentation is 5 minutes long, with 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. It's a very challenging format which takes great effort to prepare and forces speakers to be concise, but offers impact, and just as the name says, to ignite an audience's interest. Professor Operario emphasized the importance of being able to present clear, concise, and relevant arguments to non-academic audiences, who often have the potential to influence policy and practice.  

Laura Kallio Joyce