Professor Simin Liu honored at the 2018 China Heart Congress

August 9, 2018

At the 2018 China Heart Congress (CHC), where over 10,000 cardiovascular disease researchers from around the world gather, Dr. Simin Liu, Professor of Epidemiology, Medicine, and Surgery and Director of the Center for Global Cardiometabolic Health, was awarded an Honorary Adjunct Professorship at the Chinese National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

The award, on behalf of the National Cardiovascular Center and Fuwai Hospital, recognizes Dr. Liu's significant contribution in the establishment of the National Center and in the training of public health scientists, as well as his scientific achievements in the science of medicine and public health. The award particularly highlights his ability to cut across and integrate multiple disciplines to provide scientific contributions to the field.

Dr. Liu currently serves as an Associate Editor for the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Previously, he served as Associate Editor for the Journal of Diabetes. To date, Dr. Liu has published over 300 peer-review articles in top journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine. He was among the first to lead a team to identify and validate several germ-line mutations in the SHBG gene for type 2 diabetes. His research provides some of the first empirical evidence to quantify and standardize all dietary carbohydrates based on glycemic load (GL) and to validate its physiological utility, demonstrating that GL exchange could be beneficial in the dietary management of patients with diabetes. 

At the CHC, Dr. Liu delivered a keynote entitled "Nature vs. Nuture, Causal Inferences on Health Outcomes across Lifespans and Generations: Has Anyone Seen the Marriage?" Dr. Liu was joined by his family on this very special occasion in China. He is especially appreciative and grateful to Dr. Dongfeng Gu and his colleagues at the Fuwai Hospital and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.