Firearm injuries cost a per-patient average of $8.2 to $41.2 million to treat, study finds

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — How much does a treating a gunshot injury cost? New research says the answer is $8.2 million for those with an emergency visit only — and a staggering $41.2 million for injuries that require hospital admission.

The incidence of firearm injury and death in the United States is increasing, and though the impact of these injuries on health care providers is estimated to be high, research to date has not investigated data on pre- and post-injury health care visits and related costs.

To close that gap, a team led by Dr. Megan Ranney — an emergency physician and associate professor of emergency medicine and health services, policy and practice at Brown University — conducted a study that found that in the six months after surviving a firearm injury, patient health care costs increased three to 20 times, depending on whether the person was hospitalized, compared to the six months prior to injury. READ MORE