Research Centers Announce Name Changes

Two Centers in the School of Public Health have been renamed as of the Academics Priority Committee (APC) recent vote. As the School of Public Health continues to grow and evolve, and, as a result of the continuing process of analysis and strategic planning, the decision has been made to institute new names better reflecting the research and educational missions of these two active centers of research.

The Center for Environmental Health and Technology is now the Center for Children’s Environmental Health

This change reflects the Center’s research on environmental exposures and children’s health. The new name, Center for Children’s Environmental Health, emphasizes the Center’s role as a collection of faculty dedicated to promoting the health of children and applying epidemiologic methods to understanding the determinants, health effects, and biological action of environmental pollutant exposures from before conception until adolescence.

The goal of the Center is to serve as a nexus between researchers with interest in early life determinants of health, environmental exposures, biological mechanisms, and children’s health. The Center is actively working with colleagues in the Center for Epidemiologic Research, the Center for Statistical Sciences, the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute, Women & Infants Hospital, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, and the School of Engineering. These academic and research partners have expertise and resources that can be leveraged to produce the next generation of discovery in children’s environmental health.

The Centers for Epidemiology and Environmental Health is now the Center for Epidemiologic Research

The change to the Center for Epidemiologic Research clarifies the center’s role as a collection of faculty that apply epidemiologic methods to a wide range of research questions, unified by a disciplinary approach to research rather than around a focus on a particular set of substantive questions.

Faculty in the Center are engaged in a wide range of research activities addressing perinatal health, substance use, cardiometabolic health, cancer, mental health, eating disorders, HIV, and biological mechanisms of disease.  The Center works closely with colleagues in a number of other centers in the School, most notably the Center for Children’s Environmental Health, the International Health Institute, and the Mindfulness Center, as well as centers based in the Alpert Medical School, the Population Studies and Training Center, and others.

Over the next two weeks these name changes will be reflected in signage, web sites, Workday, and other administrative platforms.