Hospital Vaccine Mandate Tracker

GLOBAL EPIDEMICS  By Benjy Renton, Sameer Nair-Desai, and Ashish K. Jha 

Hospitals maintain high infection prevention and control standards to keep patients safe in their most vulnerable moments. In a pandemic which has already cost too many lives and created too many hardships, hospitals must uphold this standard and ensure that health systems are the safest spaces possible. An essential part of this role is mandating Covid-19 vaccines for all employees. 

Health care is the only business that, as a matter of course, is full of immunocompromised people for whom vaccinations often fail to provide adequate protection. Hospitals also treat many children under 12 years old, who at this point are not approved to be vaccinated. These and other medically vulnerable groups need everyone who can get vaccinated to do so, to ensure hospitals are safe for both patients and staff. READ MORE