For young adults, mindfulness habits for life and the promise of better mental, physical health

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — It’s a tough time to be a young adult, most young adults themselves say, as do those who teach and work with them.

Eric Loucks, an associate professor and director of the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, interacts with young adults while teaching as part of the Brown’s master of public health mindfulness concentration. He says that young people talk frequently about economic stress, career uncertainty, fraught relationships with social media, and loneliness, among other concerns.

But Loucks suggests that mindfulness may be an effective way to help to them (and people of all ages) contend with challenges and learn habits that can set them up for a lifetime of better health. In a new book, “The Mindful College Student: How to Succeed, Boost Well-Being, and Build the Life You Want at University & Beyond,” he provides information on mindfulness training supported by clinical research to help young adults develop skills to bolster well-being. KEEP READING