Congratulations to the Winners of the 2022 Dean’s Staff Awards

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Dean’s Staff Award for Excellence in Public Health Innovation

Maxwell Krieger

Program Manager, Epidemiologykrieger.jpg
A program manager with the People, Place and Health Collective (PPHC) research team, Max helped launch PPHC's new R01 community trial, PROVIDENT, a research study that aims to prevent drug-related deaths in neighborhoods across Rhode Island by forecasting overdose trends and patterns in our state. The big challenge of PROVIDENT is how to disseminate complex predictive analytics results for ongoing use by local community-based organizations over the course of the 5-year study.

To bridge this gap, Max envisioned a new web-based mapping tool for PROVIDENT that would better engage our community-based partners delivering harm reduction and outreach services across the state. He developed strong partnerships with the Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV) at Brown and grew his skills to design and build a user-friendly mapping tool for community partners to guide how they deliver services in communities across Rhode Island. The mapping tool is driven by predictive analytics but offers a quick and efficient user interface. 

Max’s nominators say he showed incredible leadership and innovation that was a true testament to his years of expertise in data visualization and data dashboarding in public health.

"By reaching out and partnering with key staff at CCV,” they said, “Max was able to pair his overdose data dashboarding skills with their advanced computing and web tool expertise. He also worked closely with CCV to ensure the needs of our community partners were met. The final product was the PROVIDENT web tool, a modern and engaging web app that is being used by community-based organizations working to stop overdoses across the state.”

Dean’s Staff Award for Excellence in Public Health Leadership

Jennifer Olson

Project Director, Center for Health Promotion and Health Equityolson.jpg
A project director in the Center for Health Promotion and Health Equity, Jenny has worked in this role for 5 years supervising a large team of staff members, doctoral students, master’s students, and undergraduates and supporting the needs of faculty members across constantly fluctuating projects. From IRB submissions to traveling to Massachusetts to assist with in-person recruitment for studies, to mentoring students, Jenny handles her responsibilities with “professionalism, grace, and an incredible amount of skill.”

In addition to her academic work at Brown, Jenny is often the face of our numerous community-engaged projects. “What impresses me most about Jenny's work is her commitment to community-focused research,” a nominator said. “She is always attending meetings with community organizations, both local and national, to share more about our research, learn about organizations’ work, and brainstorm ways to support each other. Jenny works to ensure that our research is actually meeting community partners' needs by maintaining continuous contact with them.”

“In my 20+ years of working in research,” another nominator said, “never have I seen another member of my team or colleagues’ teams perform at the incredibly high level that Jenny performs at. The accuracy of Jenny’s work, her ability to meet established goals and deadlines, her communication skills not only among the team but to outside colleagues/collaborators, funding agencies, and regulatory personnel, her sense of collaboration and teamwork, as well as her management capabilities, problem-solving skills, and dependability have been truly exemplary.” 

“Jenny’s position is one of the most critical roles in any research group. She consistently maintains the vision, values, culture, objectives, and highest standards which enables us to successfully achieve the scientific goals of the study and produce quality work that informs policy decisions, treatment and prevention guidelines, and moves the scientific field forward.”