Nursing home staff describe complex conditions during pandemic

Frontline nursing home staff describe working under complex conditions during the novel coronavirus pandemic, while coping fears for themselves and the residents under their care.

These findings are published in an Issue Brief presenting results from Q&I's survey of frontline staff working in long-term care settings during the pandemic. More than 150 nursing home staff from 32 states responded. The latest issue brief summarizes respondents’ free-text responses regarding the context and challenges of the environment in which they practice. 

Respondents discuss the burden associated with tracking and implementing sometimes confusing or contradictory guidance from numerous local, state, and federal agencies. They describe working with suboptimal access to personal protective equipment and testing. They express concern for residents experiencing isolation, especially those, such as persons living with dementia, unable to understand the restrictions. Poignantly, they also describe how hospitals and hospital workers are publicly recognized as heroic, while nursing homes and their staff are vilified.

Hear from nursing home staff by reading the Issue Brief. Please also continue to take and amplify the survey, which remains live.

Issue Brief #3: Staff Perspectives in Nursing Homes (July 2020)