Nursing home infection control shift coaching program available

Q&I's infection control shift coaching program, Infection Control Amplification in Nursing Centers (I CAN), is available to any interested nursing center leaders.

I CAN is a shift coaching program designed to help infection preventionists to strengthen the infection control practices necessary to protect residents from coronavirus and other infectious diseases, by designating coaches to model a culture of mutual accountability and by creating a feedback loop to monitor adherence to key practices. The program targets hand hygiene, masking, and transmission-based precautions (and includes observation tools for each) -- but infection preventionists can expand the focus based on data feedback about infection control practices in their facility.

I CAN was developed with funding from the Connecticut Department of Public Health and seven Connecticut nursing centers are currently piloting the program. The website supports nursing centers’ implementation, with pages targeting infection preventionists, coaches, "secret shopper" data collectors, and administrators. The observation data collection tools can also be used as a stand-alone intervention, for centers interested in incorporating adherence data into their COVID teams' quality improvement efforts.

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