Research Projects

A Multi-Component Data Processing Program for Transdermal Alcohol Sensors
PI: Nancy Barnett

Services Marketing to Disseminate Therapy for Youth Substance Use
PI: Sara Becker

Deconstructing the Smoking and ADHD Comorbidity: A Multilevel Genetic Approach
PI: Cinnamon Bidwell

Within-Session Mechanisms of Behavior Change in At-Risk College Students
PI: Brian Borsari

Evaluation of Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes in Adolescent Smokers
PI: Rachel Cassidy

Brief Alcohol Interventions by Counselor and Computer
PI: Kate Carey

Effects of Early-Life Stress on Brain Dysfunction in HIV+ Adults: An fMRI Study
PI: Uraina Clark

Brief Alcohol Intervention for School-to-Work Transitions
PI: Suzanne Colby

Negative Affect, Urges and Distress Tolerance, Effects on Cognition in AUDs
PI: Travis Cook

Ecological Momentary Assessment of Adolescent Smoking Cessation
PI: Chad Gwaltney

Culturally-Specific HIV Prevention with Latino Adolescent Alcohol Abusers
PI: Lynn Hernandez

Initiation and Progression through Early Drinking Milestones in Underage Drinkers
PI: Kristina Jackson

Mechanisms Linking Alcohol Use and Smoking Relapse Risk
PI: Christopher Kahler

Naltrexone for At-Risk and Problem Drinking in Smoking Cessation Treatment
PI: Christopher Kahler

Development of Positive Psychotherapy for Smoking Cessation
PI: Christopher Kahler

Mechanisms of Behavior Change Resource Core for Alcohol-HIV Interventions
PI: Christopher Kahler

A Novel Pharmacotherapy for Alcoholism and Alcohol Liver Disease
PI: George Kenna

Effects of Ghrelin on Alcohol Cue Reactivity and Craving
PI: George Kenna

Doxazosin an a1 Antagonist for Alcohol Dependence
PI: George Kenna

Family Prevention of HIV Risk and Depression in HIV-endemic South Africa
PI: Caroline Kuo

Intervention Ingredients and Mechanisms of an Efficacious Motivational Interview
PI: Molly Magill

Within- and Post-Session Change Mechanisms for Alcohol Use Disorders
PI: Molly Magill

Real-Time Evaluations of Alcohol Consequences and Subsequent Drinking
PI: Jennifer Merrill

Genetic Variation and Marijuana’s Pharmacologic and Cue-Elicited Effects
PI: Jane Metrik

Marijuana Use, Problems, and Cannabis Use Disorders in OIF/OEF/OND Veterans
PI: Jane Metrik/Brian Borsari

Effects of Topiramate on Adolescent Alcohol Use: Efficacy and Mechanisms
PI: Robert Miranda

Advancing a Bio-Psycho-Social Alcohol Treatment Research and Mentoring Program
PI: Peter Monti

Brief Interventions in the Emergency Department for Alcohol and HIV/Sexual Risk
PI: Peter Monti

Alcohol and HIV: Biobehavioral Interactions and Intervention
PI: Peter Monti

Alcohol/Intervention Treatment Outcome Research Training
PI: Peter Monti

Developing an HIV Prevention Program for High Risk Couples
PI: Donald Operario

Minority Populations Resource Core
PI: Donald Operario

Substance Abuse Intervention Outcome Research Training
PI: Damaris Rohsenow

Contingent Vouchers for Smoking Abusers as Adjunct to Nicotine Patch
PI: Damaris Rohsenow

Varenicline and Motivational Advice for Smokers with SUD
PI: Damaris Rohsenow

Very Low-Nicotine Cigarettes in Smokers with SUD: Smoking, Substance Use Effects
PI: Damaris Rohsenow

Contextual Risk Factors for Substance Use in Adolescent Reservation-Dwelling Americans
PI: Nichea Spillane

Adolescents with Major Depression and AUD: Community-based Integrated Treatment
PI: Anthony Spirito

Teen Alcohol Screening in the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network
PI: Anthony Spirito

Addiction Technology Transfer Center of New England
PI: Daniel Squires

Aripiprazole and Topiramate on Free-Choice Alcohol Use
PI: Robert Swift

Acute Effects of Exercise in Smokers with Schizophrenia
PI: Jennifer Tidey

Evaluating New Nicotine Standards for Cigarettes
PI: Jennifer Tidey

Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes in Vulnerable Populations: Currently Depressed
PI: Jennifer Tidey

Imaging Drug Effects (Project IMAGE)
PI: Tara White

Imaging Drug Effects- Study B (Project RAVE)
PI: Tara White