Training & Technical Assistance

Addiction Technology Transfer Center of New England

Principal Investigator

Daniel Squires

Assistant Professor (Research)


Funding Source



The Addiction Technology Transfer Center of New England (ATTC-NE) has been continuously funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) since 1993. The ATTC-NE serves the 6-state New England region (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine). Specifically, the ATTC-NE promotes system change and substance use disorders (SUD) workforce enhancement by: (1) promoting cross-training initiatives to professionals and paraprofessionals who provide health-related services to individuals with alcohol and other drug problems; (2) utilizing cutting edge technology and methods to disseminate research-based addiction treatment methods into clinical services and educational programming; (3) developing and disseminating research-based information that defines effective and culturally competent treatment strategies; and (4) providing open-ended technical assistance to regional stakeholders (e.g. Single State Drug and Alcohol Agencies, Community Treatment Agencies, etc.). Many training methods and techniques developed through the ATTC-NE are experimentally evaluated to provide an evidence-based foundation for training practices and services.

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