Depression Research Group

This group investigates the role of depression in the development of and response to treatments for health conditions such as substance use disorders, HIV infection, diabetes, postpartum depression and dementia.

Sara J. Becker, PhD

Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Dr. Becker is a clinical researcher and licensed clinical psychologist dedicated to improving the quality and utilization of behavioral treatments for individuals with substance use disorders. Dr. Becker is currently Multiple Principal Investigator (with Dr. Bryan Garner) of a 5-year NIDA-funded cluster randomized trial partnering with 30 opioid treatment centers throughout New England to promote the implementation of contingency management.  Dr. Becker also serves as Principal Investigator or Multiple Principal Investigator of two SAMHSA-funded Addiction Technology Transfer Centers, which combined train over 3,000 front-line treatment providers annually in evidence-based treatment for patients with opioid and other substance use disorders.   

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Emmanuelle Belanger, PhD, MSc

Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Dr. Belanger's background includes training in both social and health sciences. Her research program involves mixed-methods designs and addresses the assessment and management of patient-reported symptoms, the delivery of end-of-life care in a variety of settings, as well as decision-making processes about palliative options of care.

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Angela M. Bengtson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Bengtson's research focuses on improving the health of HIV-infected women and their children during the perinatal period. Her work explores 1) the impact of HIV drugs on pregnancy outcomes, 2) novel strategies to measure and support ongoing engagement in HIV care, and 3) common comorbid conditions with HIV during pregnancy, including obesity and perinatal depression.

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Stephen L. Buka

Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Buka is an epidemiologist and developmental psychologist whose work focuses on the causes, development and prevention of major psychiatric and cognitive disorders. Current studies include investigations of prenatal risks for schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder and addictive disorders, including neuroimaging and molecular genetics techniques; and community-level influences on youth substance use and delinquency.

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Patricia A. Cioe, PhD

Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Cioe’s current research interests include smoking cessation interventions in persons living with HIV, the effects of alcohol use and cigarette smoking on HIV clinical outcomes, including biomarkers of monocyte activation and inflammation, and perceived barriers to smoking cessation in HIV-positive smokers.

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Suzanne M. Colby

Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Colby's primary research interests include laboratory and clinical studies, treatment development, and instrumentation research related to adolescent and young adult alcohol, tobacco and other substance use.  

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Shira I. Dunsiger, PhD

Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences (Research)

Dr. Dunsiger’s research focus is on developing sophisticated statistical methodology for analyzing data from behavioral medicine, including smoking cessation, physical activity, mood, depression and adherence outcomes. Her broad research interests include pattern detection, “big data”, and statistical mediation.

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Gary P. Epstein-Lubow, MD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Associate Professor of Medical Science, Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Dr. Epstein-Lubow’s research is focused on improving family-oriented dementia treatment. As a PI he has three active projects: 1) looking at individuals with dementia who undergo inpatient psychiatric treatment at Butler Hospital, 2) a study of national Medicare data to determine risk factors for psychiatric hospitalization of individuals with moderate or severe memory impairment who reside in a nursing home, and 3) a needs assessment study of individuals in Rhode Island with Parkinson's disease and their family caregivers.

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Jaclyn White Hughto, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, 

Dr. Hughto’s research aims to document the structural-, interpersonal-, and individual-level factors that contribute to health inequities for sexual and gender minorities and other marginalized populations; and develop and test community-based interventions to improve the health of at-risk communities.

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Caroline C. Kuo, DPhil

Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Kuo’s research program focuses on addressing disparities in mental health, sexual and reproductive health, violence, HIV and other infectious diseases among vulnerable populations in low-resource communities. Her global public health research has included community-based epidemiological studies, qualitative exploratory studies, mixed-methods studies, and intervention development and testing among vulnerable populations.

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Matthew J. Mimiaga, ScD, MPH

Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Professor of Epidemiology, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Dr. Mimiaga’s research program focuses on interventions to decrease sexual risk in HIV primary and secondary prevention; biobehavioral interventions to enhance antiretroviral medication uptake and adherence; psychosocial treatment interventions for stimulant use disorder and concurrent HIV risk; infectious disease and psychiatric epidemiology; and global health research.

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Peter M Monti, PhD

Donald G. Millar Distinguished Professor of Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Director of Alcohol and Addiction Studies

Dr. Monti’s research interests include adolescent substance abuse prevention and treatment; coping skills and relapse prevention; combined cognitive behavioral and pharmacological interventions; and treatment of alcohol and HIV/AIDS.

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Jennifer A. Pellowski, PhD

Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Pellowski’s research program is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with HIV through addressing psychosocial and contextual factors that impede engagement in health behaviors, domestically and internationally. She has interests in social and contextual determinants of health, sexual and reproductive health of women, and the development of behavioral interventions to improve health and well-being.

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Megan L. Ranney, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Ranney is a practicing emergency physician and researcher, looking at the intersection between digital health and violence prevention. Her research is focused on (a) the design and use of technology to facilitate behavioral health among vulnerable populations and (b) firearm injury prevention.

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David A. Savitz, PhD

Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Epidemiology, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Savitz's research is focused on reproductive and environmental epidemiology. He has conducted studies of the causes of adverse pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage and preterm birth, as well as pregnancy complications, birth defects, and child health problems. His environmental interests include a wide range of chemical and physical exposures, including perfluorinated chemicals, pesticides, drinking water treatment by-products, and non-ionizing radiation.

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Jennifer Tidey, PhD

Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Dr. Tidey studies biological, environmental and social factors that contribute to the high rates of tobacco use in vulnerable populations, particularly among people with serious mental illness, in order to inform regulatory and treatment approaches to reducing tobacco and other substance use disorders. She recently completed a large multi-site laboratory study aimed at understanding the subjective and behavioral effects of cigarettes varying in nicotine content among smokers with current depression and/or anxiety disorders, and a multi-site randomized controlled trial of cigarettes varying in nicotine content in smokers with current depression and/or anxiety disorders, both in collaboration with the University of Vermont’s Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science (TCORS; Center PI Higgins). As part of the 5-year renewal of that TCORS, she is currently leading a multi-site randomized controlled trial of very low nicotine cigarettes, alone and combined with electronic cigarettes, in smokers with current depression and/or anxiety disorders (2U54DA036114). Her publications in this area focus on tobacco regulatory approaches for reducing tobacco use in people with depression.

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Jacob J. van den Berg, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. van den Berg's research focuses on the development, implementation, and evaluation of community-based behavioral and biomedical health interventions for underserved and marginalized groups. He is particularly interested in advancing the integration of health informatics (eHealth/mHealth) and biobehavioral strategies for preventing HIV/STIs and substance use among racial/ethnic and sexual and gender minority populations.

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Ira B. Wilson, MD, MSc

Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Professor of Medicine, Chair of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Dr. Wilson’s main research interests are in how structural features of healthcare systems affect the interactions between physicians and patients, and how those interactions in turn affect patients' health outcomes. To study these relationships, he has studied patients with chronic conditions such as the elderly, persons with depression, and persons with HIV. In recent years, his research has focused on understanding and improving the quality of medication prescribing and medication management, the development and testing of interventions to improve adherence, and aspects of HIV and aging.

Research Profile

Meeting the end-of-life care needs of nursing home residents with advanced Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia: A longitudinal study of pain and depressive symptoms

Principal Investigator: Dr. Emmanuelle Belanger
Funding: National Institute of Aging,  NIH
Years: 2018-2020

Our Family Our Future: A resilience-oriented family intervention to prevent adolescent HIV/STI infection and depression in South Africa

Multiple Principal Investigators: Dr. Caroline Kuo, Dr. Linda-Gail Bekker, Dr. Dan Stein
Funding: National Institute of Mental Health, NIH
Years: 2017-2022

South Africa Addiction Transfer Center 

Multiple Principal Investigators: Dr. Sara Becker and Dr. Caroline Kuo
Funding: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Years: 2017-2022

Adherence to HIV Treatment Postpartum: The Implications of Transitions Among Women Living with HIV in South Africa

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jennifer Pellowski
Funding: National Institute of Mental Health, NIH
Years: 2017-2022

Adaptation of the Friendship Bench mental health intervention for HIV-infected perinatal women in Malawi

Multiple Principal Investigators: Dr. Brian Pence and Dr. Angela Bengtson
Funding: National Institute of Mental Health, NIH
Years: 2018-2021

Intervention to Prevent Peer Violence & Depressive Symptoms Among At-Risk Adolescents

Principal Investigator: Dr. Megan Ranney;
Co-Investigator/ Biostatistician: Shira Dunsiger
Funding: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH
Years: 2018-2023

A Technology-Augmented Intervention to Prevent Peer Violence & Depressive Symptoms Among At-Risk Emergency Department Adolescents

Principal Investigator: Dr. Megan Ranney
Funding: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Years: 2018-2023

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Master of Public Health

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