Vaccines and Primary Prevention Research Group

From narrowly targeted biologic investigations to population research deploying an innovative cluster-randomized approach, this group evaluates targeted and non-targeted outcomes from vaccines from bench to the field across the age span.

Angela M. Bengtson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Bengtson's research focuses on improving the health of HIV-infected women and their children during the perinatal period. Her work explores the impact of HIV drugs on pregnancy outcomes, investigates novel strategies to measure and support ongoing engagement in HIV care, and addresses common comorbid conditions with HIV during pregnancy, including obesity and perinatal depression.

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David D. Dore, PharmD, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Dr. Dore is a pharmacoepidemiologist whose main research interests are in the study of drug effects, with applications to drug safety and comparative effectiveness research. His clinical areas of interest are diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, aging, and mental health.

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Stefan Gravenstein, MD, MPH

Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Professor of Medicine

Dr. Gravenstein’s research interests include quality improvement in healthcare, influenza in elderly people, immune senescence, and vaccine response. He also has specific interests in the culture of care, antimicrobial stewardship, and how to improve care across care transitions.

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Timothy P. Flanigan, MD

Professor of Medicine, Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Dr. Flanigan has spearheaded both clinical care and clinical research programs for improved HIV treatment among marginalized communities. His research focuses on HIV care in underserved communities, particularly substance abusers, women, inner-city communities and incarcerated men and women.

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Michelle A. Lally, MD, MSc

Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of Brown AIDS Center (CFAR), Director of Brown University AIDS Program (BRUNAP), Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy& Practice

Dr. Lally’s research focus includes 1) HIV Prevention among Youth: HIV Vaccination & Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), 2) HIV Testing: rapid testing for Acute HIV, HIV testing bundled with other services (HPV vaccination), and 3) Implementation Research: HIV prevention through community engagement and policy changes; youth vaccination at schools.

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Vincent Mor, PhD

Florence Pirce Grant University Professor, Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Dr. Mor’s research focuses on the organizational and health care delivery system factors associated with variation in use of health services, and outcomes experienced by frail and chronically ill persons. His areas of study include: the quality of nursing home care, Medicare funding for post-acute care, the determinants of hospitalization, disease management for cancer patients and age and racial discrimination in health care treatments.

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Orestis Panagiotou, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice (Research)

Dr. Panagiotou’s research interests include comparative effectiveness and safety research and risk prediction, particularly in the context of routinely-collected health data. Dr. Panagiotou works on both applied and methodological problems in the following research areas: 1) delivery of cancer care and outcomes thereof across the cancer continuum from screening to treatment, 2) quality of care with an emphasis on low-value care, 3) evidence synthesis, meta-analysis, and replicability of clinical trials, 4) computational health services research

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David A. Savitz, PhD

Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Epidemiology, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Savitz's research is focused on reproductive and environmental epidemiology. He has conducted studies on the causes of adverse pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage and preterm birth, as well as pregnancy complications, birth defects, and child health problems. His environmental interests include a wide range of chemical and physical exposures, including perfluorinated chemicals, pesticides, drinking water treatment by-products, and non-ionizing radiation.

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Theresa I. Shireman, PhD

Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Dr. Shireman specializes in pharmacoepidemiology and health economic evaluations. Her significant research achievements include contributions to understanding how medications are used and to what effect in people who are on chronic dialysis, development of a novel methodology to tracking medication exposure over time, development of a bleeding risk prediction model for warfarin in older adult patients with atrial fibrillation, and health economic evaluations of expensive therapeutic agents.

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Patrick M. Vivier

Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Vivier's work focuses on the health status and health services utilization of low-income families.  His current research areas include lead poisoning, injury, asthma, emergency department use, and early life factors that impact health as well as flourishing, including a focus on predictors of third grade reading proficiency.

Research Profile

Stratified Cluster Random Assignment Trial FluAd

Principal Investigator: Dr. Vincent Mor
Funding: Insight Therapeutics, LLC
Years: 2016-2019

Adjuvanted Influenza Vaccination and Morbidity and Mortality in U.S. Nursing Homes: Assessment of Vaccine Selection and Outcomes for the Follow-on Study Year.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Stefan Gravenstein; Co-investigator: Dr. Vincent Mor
Funding: Insight Therapeutics, LLC
Years: 2018-2020

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Master of Science

Perez, Ashley Elizabeth, "Disparities in human papillomavirus vaccination initiation and completion by nativity status among U.S. adults" (2017). Public Health Theses and Dissertations. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.