Key Partners

Center faculty members and trainees work closely with a wide range of environmental health researchers and practitioners across the School of Public Health, Brown University, and in and around Rhode Island affiliated with CEHT. Current key partners of CEHT include:

  • Dr. David Savitz – a leading expert on studies of pregnancy outcomes, including potential risks of environmental exposures. Teaches courses at the School of Public Health in epidemiologic methods and perinatal epidemiology.
  • Ellen Tohn – nationally recognized expert in housing and community based environmental health threats, green and healthy housing, and indoor air quality.
  • Dr. Greg Howard – focuses on how scientific information can best be used to create effective chemicals regulation protecting public health and the environment, with a special emphasis on high-volume ubiquitous substances including flame retardants and the bisphenols.
  • Dr. Laura Bozzi – leads the Climate Change Program at the Rhode Island Department of Health (RI DOH).
  • Dr. David Egilman – conducts research on the influence of corporations on science and health policy. Teaches a spring course titled "Science and Power — The Corruption of Public Health".
  • Dr. Peter Simon – former Medical Director at RI DOH, who now works on problems of childhood lead poisoning and its impacts on childhood learning and behavior.
  • Dr. Carmen Marsitformer Brown faculty member now at Emory University School of Public Health. Frequent collaborator interested in environmental exposures and molecular mechanisms of cancer and human development.
  • Dr. Dominique Michaud – former Brown faculty member now at Tufts University School of Medicine. Frequent collaborator interested in determinants of cancer risk and prognosis, including oral health and the microbiome.