Center for Reproductive, Perinatal, and Pediatric Research (CRPPR)







Alison Field, Chair


Cynthia Battle Tina Boisseau
Joe Braun Steve Buka
Michael Carey

Valery Danilack
Perinatal epidemiology and birth outcomes research. Best practices for clinical care in pregnancy and the newborn period, including medications, tests, procedures, and provider visits. Comparative effectiveness of methods for labor induction. 

Phyllis Dennery Alison Field*
Jennifer Friedman Annie Gjelsvik
Examining childhood health exposures, health care access and outcomes. Using national surveillance databases to understand child health. Primary investigator for the Brown University Vanguard Center of the Jackson Heart Study.
Elissa Jelalian Akilah Kieta
Caroline Kuo

Daphne Koinis Mitchell, Ph.D


Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research); Professor of Pediatrics (Research); Director, Research Mentoring and Faculty Development; Director, Community Asthma Program  

Examining multi-level contributors of pediatric health disparities in asthma, obesity, and sleep in urban children, including biological, clinical and sociocultural factors. Developing tailored interventions to improve asthma, obesity or sleep in urban children.

Barry Lester Eric Loucks
Maureen Phipps Steven Rasmussen

Patti Risica
Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Behavioral & Social Sciences


Dr. Risica creates and tests interventions to improve nutrition, diet and breastfeeding, physical activity, decrease smoking and tobacco smoke exposure and early detection of melanoma.  Her work specifically targets pregnant women, young children, and African American and Hispanic women. She also specializes in program evaluation and the design and conduct of survey measures.


David Savitz
Studying influences on pregnancy outcome, including maternal and infant health determinants, with a particular interest in pregnancy complications and preterm birth.  Contributions from health behaviors and environmental exposures are of particular interest.  In addition, environmental epidemiology and applied methods more generally are research areas of interest.

Ronald Seifer Stephen Sheinkopf
Laura Stroud Patrick Vivier
Greg Wellenius Erika Werner
Rena Wing Tongzhang Zheng

*Indicates the Director of the Center