In  2012, Brown launched the Center for Evidence-based Medicine with founding members:  Thomas Trikalinos, Joseph Lau, Christopher Schmid, Issa Dahabreh and Byron Wallace. The Center is now is part of Brown’s School of Public Health.  The Center faculty were formerly based at the Center for Clinical Evidence Synthesis at Tufts Medical Center.  Since 1992, the faculty have been conducting research and disseminating knowledge in evidence synthesis and since 1997, have been continuously operating the AHRQ designated Evidence-based Practice Center.

In October 2016, the Corporation of Brown University approved the School of Public Health's proposal to rename our shop to the Center for Evidence Synthesis in Health.   Evidence synthesis means learning across a variety of information sources, probabilities elicited from experts, individual-participant data, and aggregate data.  The name, Center for Evidence Synthesis in Health (CESH), better reflects our activities, research and educational mission of the Center faculty.