Thomas Trikalinos (Associate Professor and Director)

Tom works on novel methodologies for comparative effectiveness research, with emphasis on the steps of evidence synthesis (by means of systematic review and meta-analysis), and evidence contextualization (by means of decision and economic analysis). Tom and his colleagues strive to modernize and optimize the processes of evidence-based medicine by porting methodologies from computer science and applied mathematics.

Christopher Schmid (Professor and Co-Director) 

My research focuses on statistical methods for meta-analysis, the quantitative synthesis of information from observational and experimental studies. I am concentrating on developing methods and software for simultaneously comparing many treatments for a medical condition in order to determine which is best. I also develop models to enable doctors to work with patients to choose the best treatment through single patient experiments and models for predicting kidney function using multi-study data.


Ethan Balk (Associate Professor, Research)

Ethan Balk, MD MPH, is Associate Professor (Research) in the Brown University School of Public Health. For about 15 years, his research has focused on systematic review, evidence based medicine, meta-analysis, study quality assessment, and evaluation of literature. He has led numerous comparative effectiveness reviews, evidence reports, technologies, and other systematic reviews for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Evidence-base Practice Center program, for other federal and international agencies, and professional organizations. His reviews have covered a breadth of clinical medicine and nutrition topics and areas including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, surgical interventions, prevention, diagnostic tests, dietary supplements, fatty acid intake, and micronutrients, among others. For about 11 years, he collaborated with the KDOQI and KDIGO kidney disease guideline development organizations, leading evidence review teams conducting systematic reviews and training workgroup members in the development of evidence-based guidelines. For about 6 years he has also assisted the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons Systematic Review Group to develop systematic reviews and clinical practice recommendations.

Issa J. Dahabreh (Assistant Professor)

My work focuses on the synthesis of observational and experimental studies of therapeutic interventions and diagnostic tests. I am also interested in applied work on systematic reviews of treatments, medical tests, and risk factors for disease.

Rowan Iskandar (Assistant Professor, Research) 

My research interests lie at the interface of health decision science and mathematical biology. I am interested in the analysis of cancer epidemiology data using mechanistic models of carcinogenesis to reverse-engineer the biological mechanisms of cancer progression and to identify approaches for more effective cancer control strategies. Currently, I am investigating how different assumptions on the timing of the cancer cells spread and how the metastasis process is modeled may lead to biased estimates of the benefit of mammography and adjuvant treatment among early stage breast cancer patients. For this purpose, I have developed a multiscale model that integrates biological data and the observed epidemiological data. This modeling framework can facilitate the inclusion of recent advances in the field of cancer biology coupled with epidemiological data thereby permitting a more evidence-based and comprehensive evaluation of cancer control strategies.

I received my Ph.D. in health services research, policy, and administration with a focus on health decision science from the University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities.

Joseph Lau (Professor Emeritus)

My research focuses on applying evidence-based methods to clinical/healthcare problems. I have long-standing interest in validating existing systematic review and meta-analysis methodologies and developing new ones to make the processes more efficient and the products more reliable. For the past 2 years, I have been developing a Systematic Review Data Repository (SRDR) that could be used by researchers worldwide. I am also working with others to disseminate the methodologies of evidence-based practice beyond the immediate medical settings to other relevant scientific disciplines.

Evangelia Ntzani (Adjuct Assistant Professor) 

Dr. Ntzani is a pediatrician and an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, University of Ioannina, School of Medicine, Greece. Dr Ntzani is author in 42 peer-reviewed scientific papers in clinical and molecular epidemiology and evidence-based medicine, and is co-investigator of grants on genetic epidemiology of complex diseases and motivating behavior change across diverse areas including physical activity and diet. Her research interests include evidence-based medicine, clinical and molecular epidemiology, assessment of large-scale clinical and molecular information, and research methodology and bias.

 Dale Steele (Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Associate Professor of Pediatrics) 

Dr. Dale W. Steele graduated from the University of Vermont in 1986. He works in Providence, RI and specializes in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Dr. Steele is affiliated with Rhode Island Hospital. His professional and academic interests include: Pediatric emergency medicine, medical education, statistics, clinical decision models, Bayesian methods

Andrew Zullo (Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy, and Practice) 


Andrew R. Zullo, PharmD, ScM, PhD is a nursing home / long-term care pharmacoepidemiologist and health services researcher. He applies comparative effectiveness and safety methodologies to patient-centered outcomes research topics in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fractures/osteoporosis, infectious diseases, nephrology, and more. His other interests include 1) the quality and determinants of medication use, 2) personal prescription drug importation, and 3) new models of pharmaceutical care delivery and medication management. During his fellowship, Andrew will focus on using observational data to emulate randomized controlled trials of medications and obtain causal treatment effect estimates for outcomes of greatest importance to older adults.

Faculty Affiliates

Valery A. Danilack, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Research)
Orestis Panagiotou, Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy, and Practice
Linda A. Bradley, Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Research)
Constantine A. Gatsonis Henry Ledyard Goddard University Professor of Biostatistics, Professor of Biostatistics, Chair of Biostatistics, Director of Center for Statistical Sciences
Royi Gutman, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Glenn E. Palomaki, Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Research)
George D. Papandonatos, Associate Professor of Biostatistics (Research)

Research and Administrative Staff

Gaelen Adam
Medical Editor, Librarian, Research Associate

tel. 401 863 6425

Janine Bacic
Biostatistics Portal Manager

tel. 401 863 6421

Jens Jap

tel. 401 863 1675

Hannah Kimmel
Research Associate

tel. 401 863 9022

Valerie Langberg
Biostatistician and Senior Research Associate

tel. 401 863 9957

Jenna Legault                                                                      Manager of Administration and Finance

Kaley Mitchell
Grants and Contracts Coordinator

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Jenni Quiroz
Program Coordinator

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Sarah Robertson                                                               Research Associate




Iman Saeed
Research Associate

Birol Senturk

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Mike Seo
Research Associate


Bryant Smith
Senior Research Assistant, SRDR Team

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Anya Rader Wallack
Program Manager, Training Initiatives

tel. 401 863 1115

K12 Scholars

Yanick N. Brice, PhD, MPA
Investigator, Department of Health Services, Policy and Practice
Yanick N Brice holds a PhD in social policy, with a concentration in health policy and health services research. She is a recipient of an AHRQ K12 institutional training grant in comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). Her most recent work focuses on the role of financial incentives in spurring adoption and use of electronic health records (EHRs) to influence clinical 
outcomes during care transitions—from hospital to community settings. She is interested in building the evidence of the effectiveness of health information technology (health IT) in contributing to improving quality and value and supporting patient-centric care.

Nishant R. Shah, MD, MPH, MSc
Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Dr. Shah's research focuses on improving the cost-effectiveness of clinical cardiovascular care by streamlining the use of cardiovascular imaging. He is also interested in using cardiovascular imaging to better understand the mechanisms of disease in patients at increased risk of coronary atherosclerosis. Dr. Shah serves on the Health Policy Committee of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and is an actively practicing non-invasive cardiologist at the Providence VA Medical Center and the Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI.

Stacey L. Springs, MS, PhD
Investigator, Department of Health Services, Policy and Practice
Stacey Springs received her PhD in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Policy and her research to date has focused on 1) identification and assessment of health outcomes as a measurement of health policy effectiveness; 2) impact of research regulation and federal funding on modulating health outcomes and; 3) evidence-based practice in neonatology. Dr. Springs was appointed an AHRQ K12 CER/PCOR Scholar in 2016 and her fellowship work focuses on the elucidation of patient-centered pain management strategies in newborn medicine.

Graduate Student Research Assistants

Alexandra Ellis, PhD candidate in Health Services Research

Shaun ForbesPhD candidate in Health Services Research

Jessica Kaminsky, Master's candidate in Biostatistics

Rishi Kowalski, Master's candidate in Biostatistics

William Nardi, Master's candidate in Behavioral and Social Health Sciences

Carol Shum, Master's candidate in Biostatistics

Alison Simmons, Master's candidate in Public Health

Bo Wang, Master's candidate in Biostatistics

Kelsey Wang, PhD candidate in Biostatistics

Derrick Yam, Master's candidate in Biostatistics

Undergraduate Student Research Assistants

Audrey Tran,
Concentration: Health and Human Biology A.B.

 Class of 2020

Dolores Maldonado,
Concentration: Public Health

 Class of 2018

List of past Graduate Research Assistants/Alumni>>>

Visiting Scholars

Kristin Danko, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute , Canada (Summer 2017)
Georgios Markozannes, University of Ioannina, Greece (Spring 2017) 
Brian Willis, University of Birmingham, UK (Spring 2017)
Evi Ntzani, University of Ioannina, Greece (March 2017) 
Hayley Jones, Univeristy of Bristol, UK (October 2016)
Ingram Olkin, Stanford University (May 2014)
Gavin Stewart, Newcastle University
Gert van Valkenhoef, University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands (Fall 2014)
Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Maastricht University
Stephen Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Fall 2016)