Evidence Synthesis Academy

Based in the Center for Evidence Synthesis in Health, in the Brown University School of Public Health, the Evidence Synthesis Academy is an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)-funded education program, focused on training the next generation of producers and consumers of Comparative Effectiveness Research and Patient Centered Outcomes Research (CER/PCOR). 

Our Mission
The Evidence Synthesis Academy seeks to promote an understanding and appreciation of evidence synthesis. We aim to increase utilization of proper methods for its implementation for its use locally and globally.  

What is Evidence Synthesis?
Evidence synthesis is the compilation and integration of different sources of information including empirical study results, expert opinion and previous research in order to summarize and interpret existing knowledge, identify knowledge gaps and inform decision making. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses are tools employed to synthesize evidence. 

Our Focus Leveraging our faculty’s expertise in primary research and evidence synthesis, our program provides training in methods and technologies that can improve the quality and efficiency of conducting systematic reviews, as well as advanced methods to maximize the use of available clinical data. 

Our Constituency We invite all users and consumers of methods and products of evidence synthesis, with an emphasis on CER/PCOR. The Academy strives to engage audiences who rarely receive this kind of training but who have an enormous impact on policies and on the public’s understanding of, and access to, new medical knowledge. In addition to clinicians and methodologists, we welcome:

  • Healthcare Administrative Professionals (health payers)
  • Patients and Advocacy Groups
  • Industry and Consultancy Professionals 
  • Federal and State Government researchers, policy makers and legislative staff
  • Librarians
  • Journalists
  • Research funders

Our Course Offerings

To see  Evidence Synthesis Academy courses see  Evidence Synthesis Academy Website>>>
For further inquires, please contact us at Ev-synth@Brown.edu