Program Alumni

AHRQ Post Doctoral Fellowship Program Alumni

For over two decades the Center's postdoctoral program has helped launch the careers of numerous health services researchers who are leaders in the field.

David Reuben, MD F'85
Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

Edward Guadagnoli, PhD F87
Professor, Harvard Medical School

Josef Sternberg, MD, PhD F'87
General Practitioner at VAMC, Providence, RI

Cynthia Willey, PhD F'87
Professor, University of Rhode Island

Patricia Raymond, PhD F'89
Director, Neuropsychology Services at Salve Regina University

Colleen McHorney, PhD, F'89
Senior Director, Epidemiologist at Merck, North Wales, PA

Michael Stein, MD F'89
Professor, Brown University

James Pacala, MD F'90
Professor, University of Minnesota

Joan Teno, MD, MS F'90
Professor, Brown University (Adjunct)
Professor of Medicine and Clinician Scientist, School of Medicine, OHSU

Orna Intrator, PhD F'90
Professor, Brown University (Adjunct)

Charles Boult, MD F'90
Professor, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Christopher Rice, PhD F'90
Associate Professor, Florida International University

Douglas Kiel, MD, MPH F'91
Associate Professor at Harvard

Gary Belkin, PhD F'91
Associate Professor, New York University

Charles Sherman, MD F'91
Clinical Associate Professor, Brown University

Sharon Bryant, PhD F'92
Associate Professor, Binghamton University

John Piette, PhD F'92
Professor, University of Michigan

Deborah Merrill, PhD F'92
Associate Professor, Clark University

E. Paul Larrat, PhD F'93
Associate Dean and Professor, University of Rhode Island

Kenneth Branco, PhD F'92
Professor, Stonehill College

Brian Ott, MD F'92
Professor, Brown University

David Seifer, MD F'93
Clinical Professor at NYU School of Medicine

Thomas Perls, MD F'93
Professor, Boston University

Maureen Malin, MD F'94
Medical Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Unit, McLean Hospital

Diana Spore, PhD F'94
Board Member, Mental Health & Recovery at Ashland County, Ohio

Deborah Pearlman, PhD F'94
Assistant Professor, Brown University
Program Director, RI Department of Public Health

Jane Banaszak-Holl, PhD F'94
Associate Professor, Michigan University

Katherine Berg, PhD F'94
Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Terri Fried, MD F'94
Professor, Yale University

Brandon Krupp, MD F'95
Clinical Associate Professor, Brown University

Daniel Forman, MD F'95
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Melissa Clark, PhD F'97
Professor, Brown University

Nicholas Castle, PhD F'97
Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Elisabeth Broderick, MD F'97
Geriatric & Internal Medicine Doctor, Elder Service Plan

David Gifford, MD, MPH F'97
Clinical Associate Professor, Brown University

Kristen Coppola, PhD F'98
Board of Directors, Hopscotch Adoptions

Pedro Gozalo, PhD F'00
Associate Professor, Brown University

Joseph Angelelli, PhD F'00
Pennsylvania State Director for Public Health Institute

Radha Mikkilineni, MD F'01
Owner, University Dermatology Associates, Washington, DC

Desiree Ciambrone, PhD F'02
Associate Professor, Rhode Island College

Diane Ritchie, MD F'02
Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Brown University

Meg Bourbonniere, PhD F'03
Vice President for Nursing Research, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Christine Duffy, MD F'03
Assistant Professor, Brown University

Jennifer Christian, PharmD, MPH, PhD F'04
Manager, Worldwide Epidemiology Cardiovascular and Metabolic Epidemiology Group, GlaxoSmithKline

Linda Resnik, PhD F'04
Professor, Brown University

Melody Eide, MD, MPH F'04
Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology and Public Health Services, Henry Ford Hospital, Troy, MI

Stephen Meersman, PhD F'05
Senior Scientist Consultant, JSI, Providence, RI

Rollin Wright, MD, MPH F'05
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Ramona Rhodes, MD F'06
Assistant Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

Marsha Rosenthal, PhD F'06
Assistant Research Professor, Rutgers University

Melanie Wasserman, PhD F'06
Senior Scientist, ABT Associates, Cambridge, MA

Michael Gerardo, DO F'07
Clinical Instructor at Northwestern University

David Dore, PharmD, PhD F'07
Assistant Professor, Brown University

Matthew Plow, PhD F'07
Project Scientist, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute

Shailender Swaminathan, PhD F'08
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Brown University
Research Scientist at the Public Health Foundation of India

Kelly Aschbrenner, PhD F'09
Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Community & Family Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Samantha Sterns-Cole, PhD F'10
Statistician, Aging Studies Branch, U.S. Census Bureau

Michael Lepore, PhD F'10
Director, Quality, Research and Evaluation, Planetree

Jill Harrison, PhD F'11
Research Consultation Specialist, Planetree

Natalie Leland, PhD F'11
Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Bernard Steinman, PhD F'11
Senior Research Associate, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Thomas J. Christian, PhD, F'12
Senior Analysist/PhD Economics, ABT Associates, Inc.

Elisabeta Minca, PhD F'12
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Population Studies, Brown University

Becky Genberg, PhD F'12
Assistant Professor, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

David Bradley Wright, PhD F'12
Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Danya Qato, PharmD, MPH, F'13
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Kali Thomas, PhD, F'13
Associate Professor
Brown University

Leigh Ann Leung, PhD, F'14
Senior Property Valuation Modeler
NYC Department of Finance

Andrea Wysocki, PhD, F'14
Mathematica Policy Research in Washington, DC

Stephanie Chow, MD, MPH F'15
Staff Physician at an Occupational Medicine/Urgent Care
U.S. Healthworks in NJ

Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez, PhD, F'15
Assistant Professor
Brown University

Clara Berridge, PhD, MSW, F'16
Assistant Professor
University of Washington - Seattle

Yordanos Tiruneh, PhD, F'16
Assistant Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler

Jennifer Nazareno, PhD, MSW, F'17
Assistant Professor
Brown University

Ellen McCreedy, PhD, F'18
Brown University

Elizabeth Goldberg, MD, F'18
Assistant Professor
Brown University

Chanee Fabius, PhD, F'18
Assistant Professor
John Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health
(As of 8/1/18)