SURDNA Fellowship

SURDNA Fellowship Program - For Brown Faculty and Physicians at Brown Teaching Hospitals Only

Since 1989, the Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research has made available junior faculty fellowships of approximately $25,000 for a one year period funded by an endowment from the SURDNA Foundation. The fellowship is designed to provide academic faculty in clinical departments the resources and research mentorship to develop an independent line of research on some aspect of aging.

The first SURDNA Fellow began training in the fall of 1990. Past fellows have studied topics as diverse as the aging uterus and factors contributing to the hospitalization of nursing home patients. While few projects have been bench science efforts, several studies have used animal models and/or extensive physiological testing.

The funds can be used for research assistants, laboratory tests, equipment and salary offset (although written commitment from the department chair is necessary in such instances). The SURDNA applicant will identify a faculty member from the Center to be his or her mentor. This arrangement generally entails (or involves) monthly meetings and occasional statistical consultation.