The research conducted by Center faculty falls into four broad topic areas which form research groups. Center faculty are generally associated with one or two of these groups.

Nursing Home Care group has been studying organizational behaviors of nursing homes, market demands and incentives, and state and federal policies affecting the provision of nursing home care and its quality.

End of Life Care group conducts studies designed to improve end of life care. Some studies focus on the availability and use of hospice and palliative services in the community and in nursing homes, and where Americans die. Several studies focus on the measurement of pain and on improving approaches to pain management. Recently, several studies have examined advanced directives and use of feeding tubes at the end of life.

Cancer Control and Quality of Life in Cancer Survivorship group focuses on issues related to cancer control and cancer survivorship among middle-aged and older adults. In the areas of cancer detection and control, members are examining issues related to breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening as well as tobacco use and cessation. In terms of cancer survivorship, members are focusing on issues related to infertility following chemotherapy as well as the social support structures of women undergoing treatment for breast and cervical cancer.

Community-Based Care group focuses mainly on disabled individuals living in the community, studying unmet service need and its health related consequences. Members have examined the benefits of assistive technology and home modifications as efficient home care resources in promoting independence and enhancing social engagement among people with disabilities who live in the community.