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CHER Research Tools

Rate Your Plate

Rate Your Plate - Heart

Rate Your Plate - Heart (Spanish)

Rapid Eating Assessment for Patients (REAP)

WAVE Assessment

REAP, RYP and WAVE tools are copyright protected.  Students may use the tools freely but are asked to inform Dr. Kim Gans ( of their use. The tools must be used as found on the website.  If the content is to be modified in any way, or if the tools will be used by anyone other than students, please contact us for permission. Please contact Leslie Strolla at


CHER Resources

CHER utilizes the School of Public Health’s Survey Center to conduct quantitative computer-assisted telephone interviews in multiple languages. We also use state-of-the-art online data collection with Illume (DatStat, Inc.), which provides graphic user interfaces for survey development, testing, and deploying.  

CHER  has its own Video Production Center and is a leader in making tailored and non-tailored video interventions that are aligned with research protocol and theory.