Mentored Research Experiences

Mentored Research Experiences

IHI faculty annually mentor several students for global health research experiences. There are more students than there are opportunities, so we are very selective. We seek students with strong scholarly skills, who have taken relevant interdisciplinary global health, epidemiology, biostatistics courses, including independent studies with us, or have had a series of increasingly detailed meetings with us. We seek students who are culturally sensitive and who demonstrate that they are likely to succeed in different and challenging environments. We are happy to provide referrals for global health experiences to other Brown faculty. You can also find information about Brown faculty and their international research on the Global Health Initiative (GHI) website. 

Obtaining financial support for foreign experiences is an important part of this process, so it is wise to explore funding possibilties within Brown, including the UTRA program, the Interdisciplinary Framework in Global Health Scholarship Program, the Minority Health and Health Disparities International Training Research Program (MHIRT)Summer Assistantships for Medical Students, theInternational Travel Fund for Graduate Students, as well as the Swearer Center and Watson Institute for International Studies.

PhD Students

Joella Adams, PhD student, HIV and women’s health, (Advisor: Lurie)

Courtney Choy, PhD student, Maternal-child health in Samoa. (Advisor: McGarvey)

Kira DiClemente, PhD student, Fertility decision-making and sexual and reproductive health. (Advisor: Harrison)

Alberto Edeza, PhD student, Formative research on PrEP knowledge, attitudes and acceptability among male sex workers at Clinica Condesa, Mexico City. (Advisor: Galárraga)

Qing Liu, Epidemiology PhD candidate. Biological pathways and gene-diet interactions on cardiometabolic conditions. (Advisor: McGarvey)

Ashleigh LoVette, PhD Student, Resilience among girls and young women at risk for HIV, (Advisors: Harrison and Kuo)

 Brianna Osetinsky, PhD Candidate, HIV and NCD modeling (Advisors: Galárraga and Lurie)

Sylvia Shangani, PhD student, cash transfers in Kenya.  (Advisor: Galárraga)

MPH Students

Kaitlin Goodman, MPH Student, (Advisor: Lurie)

Mary Righi, MPH Student, Integrated HIV-violence prevention for adolescent boys, (Advisor: Kuo)

Henry Sookram, MPH Student, (Advisor: Lurie)

Katie Waye, MPH Student, (Advisor: Lurie)

Anita Yun, MPH student. CREBRF gene variant and dietary interactions on Samoan cardiometabolic risk factors. (Advisor: McGarvey)

Ideally, students and trainees will contact us early in their programs, so that we can work together through the continuum of field experiences, theses and publications.