Sexual Compulsivity Scales (SCS)

Sexual Compulsivity Scales (SCS)

Type: 10-item measurement


Overview:  The Sexual Compulsivity Scale was developed to assess tendencies toward sexual preoccupation and hyper-sexuality. Items were initially derived from self-descriptions of persons who self-identify as having a ‘sexual addiction’. The self-descriptors were taken from a brochure for a sexual addictions self-help group. The scale has been shown to predict rates of sexual behaviors, numbers of sexual partners, practice of a variety of sexual behaviors, and histories of sexually transmitted diseases.

Recommended Citation:

  • Kalichman, S.C. and Rompa, D. (2001). The Sexual Compulsivity Scale: Further Development and Use with HIV Positive Persons. Journal of Personality Assessment, 76, 379-395.


 Additional information: Scoring is to be derived from the sum of all responses divided by the number of items with reponses.



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