Brown Global Mindfulness Collaborative

Mindfulness Training through the Brown Global Mindfulness Collaborative 

Brown Mindfulness Center's Brown Global Mindfulness Collaborativeis comprised of many of the world’s leading and well-established MBSR educational institutions. Coming together to realize a shared vision and dedicated to human flourishing, these organizations demonstrate a trustworthy level of commitment to the underpinnings of MBSR training, professional education, and research. 

The integrity and fidelity of this collaborative are fully expressed in each of our partners. Through continued collaboration and the sharing of curricula, pedagogy and research methodology, the fields of MBSR and mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) are strengthened. The Brown Global Mindfulness Collaborativeexemplifies the standards for MBSR and expands the fields of MBSR and MBIs through evidence-based research and experiential training and education.

In this collaborative, partners receive benefits from the Mindfulness Center at Brown University and also enjoy the collaboration with other partners, contributing to strategic initiatives with collective wisdom on a global scale.

Our Global Mindfulness Collaborative


Argentina Sociedad Mindfulness y SaludArgentina Sociedad Mindfulness y Salud

ARGENTINA: Sociedad Mindfulness y Salud is an long-standing institution dedicated to the practice and teaching of mindfulness in Argentina, with a strong emphasis on mindfulness-based interventions and the integration of mindfulness and compassion in psychotherapy.

Motus MundiMotus Mundi

ITALY: Motus Mundi mission is to create a mindful society, and to promote a deep and authentic well-being. Founded in 2003, Motus Mundi is committed to develop mindfulness in the society in the field of health-care, education and corporate world. Motus Mundi offers international MBSR training programs, workshops and silent retreats for MBSR teachers, trained and in training.


Strategic Partnerships

 The expansion of Brown Mindfulness Center provides exciting opportunities for collaberation with other educational institutions, research centers, healthcare systems and like-minded organizations.

For information about becoming one of our strategic partners, please contact:
Dianne Horgan, Associate Director, Mindfulness Center
Florence Meleo-Meyer, Program Director, Global Relations and Professional Education