Specialist Librarians

The library at Brown has experts that can assist you with your research and data needs. You can contact them with questions or make an appointment for a research consultation.

Cate Marchetti

Chelsea Misquith, Public Health & Research Support Librarian

Chelsea (pronounced Chel-SEE-uh) provides research support and develops undergraduate and graduate education/instruction for the SPH community. She also collaborates with the other health sciences librarians to develop and manage the Library’s literature review service and to support clinical faculty and residents at the affiliated hospitals of the Alpert Medical School. 

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Andrew Creamer

Andrew Creamer, Research Data Management Librarian

Andrew helps faculty and student researchers with writing and carrying out their data management and sharing plans (DMPs), including digital curation support and and depositing their datasets and research products in long-term repositories for public discovery, access, and reuse.

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Frank Donnelly

Frank Donnelly, GIS & Data Librarian

Frank provides support for data tools and methods, and is working with library staff, campus stakeholders, faculty, and students to develop a geospatial information and data service program and infrastructure for use of data and GIS in research and teaching. 

The author of Exploring the U.S. Census: Your Guide to America’s Data (SAGE Publications, 2020), Frank’s book serves as a researcher’s guide to understanding and accessing this vast array of demographic and socio-economic data.

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