Student Travel Funding

Graduate School Funding (all graduate students)

Graduate students who present at academic conferences can apply to the Graduate School for up to $650 to cover related travel expenses (Reimbursement will not be granted for merely attending a conference).

  • Eligible graduate students will be reimbursed for a maximum of one conference per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30), as determined by the end date of travel.
  • Given funding limitations, application does not guarantee support.

CLICK HERE for Graduate School Conference Travel information and the link to UFUNDS online module. Conference travel related questions should be submitted to [email protected].

School of Public Health Funding (doctoral students only)

Doctoral students who present original work at academic conferences can request support from both the Graduate School (see above) and the School of Public Health. The School of Public Health will provide up to $400 to cover related travel expenses not covered by the Graduate School. Students are eligible to receive a total of $400 during their doctoral training period. This is typically awarded for one conference trip but can be allocated to multiple trips if desired.

Doctoral students requesting BOTH Graduate School and School of Public Health funding support:
  • Complete the UFUNDS Application.
    • Where instructed, “Please indicate any other funding you will be receiving,” write “School of Public Health” and the amount (up to $400) being requested of the School.
    • As instructed, please attach confirmation of invitation to present research at a conference program with name and presentation title.  
    • Sixth year students should also attach a letter of support from the Director of Graduate Studies for their program or the DGS Travel Approval form.
  • Submit a copy of the approved UFUNDS application via e-mail to  Barbara Dailey.
Doctoral students requesting ONLY School of Public Health support:

Conference Travel Reimbursement (all graduate students)

After travel is completed, graduate students must submit appropriate documentation as explained on the Graduate School’s Conference Travel Reimbursement webpage to their home program’s administrative coordinator for approval and electronic processing of the reimbursement request.

Completed travel reimbursement requests should be submitted to the home program no later than 30 days after completion of travel; those submitted after 45 days will not be reimbursed.