Affiliated Centers & Institutes

Advance CTR serves as a central hub to support and educate clinical and translational researchers at the state level by developing the infrastructure and resources investigators need to conduct clinical and translational research in Rhode Island. Advance-CTR connects researchers and supports institutions in Rhode Island in order to advance clinical and translational research that improves public health in the state. 

Center for Statistical Sciences

Our mission is to foster research and statistical education at the Division of Biology and Medicine and the University at large. Center faculty and staff conduct methodologic research in Biostatistics and interdisciplinary research in a broad range of areas of Medicine, Public Health, and Biology. The Center is part of the Public Health Program at Brown and is co-located with the newly founded Department of Biostatistics.

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Mindfulness Center

We are at a time in history when mindfulness research is rapidly expanding, and mindfulness has become a $1 billion industry in the United States alone. There is great need for methodologically rigorous research to help determine whether reported impacts of mindfulness on health are fad or fact, as well as the provision of evidence-based services to match the greatly increasing demand by community members, including schools, hospitals and businesses. The Mindfulness Center at Brown University leads initiatives in these areas.

Center for Health Promotion and Health Equity

The  Center for Health Promotion and Health Equity (CHPHE, formerly the Center for Health Equity Research) conducts interdisciplinary, empirical research to promote healthier behaviors and environments. Our overarching topical strengths are in the areas of HIV primary and secondary prevention, global public health, LGBT health, substance addiction treatment, obesity, smoking, exercise and nutrition, and behavioral medicine.

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