PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint presentations may be used for internal and external audiences and should be visually consistent with other School communications. Each presentation should include a title slide and text slides. A slide showing the School's mission statement could be included for presentations where the audience would benefit.

The School's color palette and typographic specifications are already embedded in the PowerPoint template. When creating any necessary charts or graphs, please refer to the color palette and typographic standards outlined in section one of the School's Visual Identity Policy. Freight Sans or Arial is the title font while Minion Pro is for the body copy. 

Centers and Institutes may place their logo in the bottom left corner.

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Academic Poster Template

Posters are an important tool that can be used in promoting the Brown University School of Public Health. This template has been pre- sized for a 2.5'x3.5' poster. The size can be changed by clicking on "Design" and then "Page Setup." A dialog box will appear where you can customize the width and height of your poster.  

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