MA Program Ambassadors

Please contact the students below if you are interested in a students' perspective on the MA program and what the Public Humanities means to them and their professional goals.  The Ambassadors can also assist prospective students or general visitors with logistics for campus visits.

Kara Noto, Second-Year MA in Public Humanities Student
Kara brings to the program considerable experience in public affairs and community outreach at the city, university and federal level. Having spent time behind the desk at the the National Park Service and U.S. Coast Guard, Kara finds beauty in bureaucracy, untangling red tape and turning ideas into things. She emphasizes her passion for building a more interdisciplinary capacity for public outreach, and for using public humanities tools to create a more engaged agency in public life. Kara is a proud Coast Guard spouse, Michigander, Redditor, outdoorsperson, and dog mom living in and exploring coastal Connecticut.


Katie Vogel, Second-Year MA in Public Humanities Student
I want to study how to create environments that encourage the learning of the widest possible range of people. I am particularly interested in how to make learning about history and literature through museums and community centers more relatable to young people. For the past four years, I have worked with high school students in college access. I have also worked with students and the public as an educator at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, facilitating discussions on immigration stories of the past and present. My dream for the not-so-distant future is to open a bookstore that focuses on providing a space for community engagement.

Public Humanities Events