MA Program Ambassadors

Please contact the students below if you are interested in a students' perspective on the MA program and what the Public Humanities means to them and their professional goals.  The Ambassadors can also assist prospective students or general visitors with logistics for campus visits.

Amelia Golcheski, Second-Year MA in Public Humanities Student
As a public historian I am dedicated to listening to and telling stories. Growing up in the American South I know that stories are not merely stories--instead they're memories that collectively create a complicated history of the region. I am interested in memory, identity, its tie to place, and the effects of these themes on communities today. At the core of these themes are individual stories. Combining my interest in history, folklore, and new media I plan to focus my studies on recording stories for the future while examining how the public's understanding of the past is reinterpreted and reconstructed in public spaces. Prior to coming to Brown I worked with these themes first hand as a museum educator at Monticello.


Public Humanities Events