Student Employment

The Center for Public Humanities coordinates a variety of public humanities-related employment opportunities at the Center and at local cultural institutions. These positions pay an hourly salary and work hours can be scheduled to complement students’ schedules. Total hours available are limited each semester.

Public Humanities Jobs

The Center for Public Humanities provides funds for public humanities Master's students who work part-time at local humanities organizations. Through this program, public humanities students can supplement their incomes, learn valuable skills, enhance their credentials, and expand their professional networks. The Center cultivates job opportunities through its local Community Partners.

All jobs sponsored by the Center for Public Humanities are paid at the rate of $15 per hour. Students may not work for more than 260 hours over the course of the year, although they may work at up to two humanities organizations as long as the combined hours do not exceed annual total. Salary support from the Center is available exclusively during the academic year.

Part-time Employment Opportunities

The Center hires public humanities students on a limited basis to provide research, programming, and administrative support for its projects and programs, and for some Center-related work elsewhere at Brown University including project assistance for Center Fellows. These jobs might include transcription of oral histories; research, planning, or logistical support for Center initiatives; and collections management tasks.

Students who are interested in any of these employment opportunities should contact Ronald Potvin for more information.