ADLI Programming Across America

ADLI partners Brown University faculty, staff, and alumni with dance artists, educators, and arts and cultural professionals across the country, exchanging across geographic boundaries to investigate, design, and present programming that supports a national dance conversation around the evolving American heritage.

Limon Company Artistic Director Carla Maxwell leads master class at an ADLI residencyLimon Company Artistic Director Carla Maxwell leads master class at an ADLI residency

Bak Middle School of the Arts (West Palm Beach, Florida)

Bak Middle School of the Arts (Bak MSOA) is an arts magnet middle school for students in grades six through eight. Bak MSOA Dance Department has four full-time faculty members and nearly 200 dance majors with courses in ballet, modern, jazz, multi-cultural, tap, and an audition-only repertory class. Students perform at least twice per year. Through an annual fall residency, ADLI exposes all Bak dance majors to excerpts of various RepEtudes in classes while the repertory class dancers have the opportunity to be immersed in a work by learning it in one week, similar to the experience a professional dancer has in a company. Beyond the annual residency, Bak has joined the Repertory Etude Campaign, assisting in the development of Battleworks Etude, including a featured role by Bak students in the instructional video, and in summer 2013, a week-long RepEtudes workshop was launched. All ADLI/Bak activities are supported by the Middle School of the Arts Foundation, whose mission is to develop permanent resources to ensure world-class standards of excellence in arts and academics at Bak MSOA.

New York State Summer School of the Arts

The New York State Summer School of the Arts (NYSSSA) School of Dance, led by ADLI co-founder Carolyn Adams,  is a professional training program for young people. Students from across New York are selected through an audition process designed to identify both technical and creative potential. In four short and intense weeks, the students’ eyes are opened to the life of a professional dancer as well as to the depth and value of the arts. ADLI supports NYSSSA’s holistic educational approach by providing: access to the Repertory Etudes and other works, intimate interactions with professionals in the field and pioneers of American dance, opportunities to engage as dance researchers and community leaders, and exposure to conferences and educator professional development.