ADLI Programming in the Community

ADLI connects Brown University students and national dance artists with the greater Providence community through workshops and performance-based projects that encourage local K-12 students to hone their artistic talents and learn about professional art careers through in-depth, creative experiences with American dance repertory.

Public Humanities Workshop at Central Falls High SchoolPublic Humanities Workshop at Central Falls High School

Artists and Scientists as Partners (ASaP)

ASaP facilitates educational programs on the topic of arts and health. They work with both medical and arts practitioners to foster creative, integrative health practices, advocating for the recognition of the value of the arts within a holistic healing approach. Their goals are to build mutual understanding and respect among artists and scientists for both the content and methodology of their practices, distinguish between the arts as practice (their intrinsic value) and the arts as therapy (their instrumental value) and to make a case for the specific benefits of “art making” for all individuals, provide supporting materials/arguments for physicians who would like to prescribe the arts for their patients, and bring public awareness to the importance of an integrated approach to neurological disorders. Dancers of all ages and abilities working with ASaP have performed multiple Repertory Etudes and have traveled with ADLI to New York City to perform.

Brown University’s Center for Public Humanities

ADLI has worked with Public Humanities MA students at the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage to create workshops and events that provide diverse audiences, particularly those with less dance experience, access to signature works and styles of American choreographers. Past projects have included a performance-based installation created with Brown students and Central Falls High School students, inspired by Rooms Etude and a workshop about creative process with choreographer Danny Grossman. Check out the downloadable flyer about about Performance & the Humanities in the Public Humanities M.A. at Brown University

Arts, Communications, and Teaching Academy at Central Falls High School

The mission of the Arts, Communication & Teaching Academy (ACT) is to challenge and inspire its members to become proficient, creative, and innovative teachers, learners, and producers of the arts and academics who respect and understand the global community at large. ADLI produces an annual project in collaboration with ACT students to present at the Mini-Fest at Brown. Working with ADLI professionals and graduate students from the Brown Center for Public Humanities, class members learn Repertory Etudes and create original works of art and dance to explore in-depth the relationship between a professional choreographer and the lives of Central Falls teenagers. Having access to professional facilities, audiences, and content as part of this project gives students a powerful authentic opportunity to engage with dance as a rigorous, inspiring discipline, and the creative work that they produce adds to the vibrant ongoing dialogue between the legacies and the future of American dance.