Artists and Scientists as Partners

Workshop at The Granoff CenterWorkshop at The Granoff Center

Artists and Scientists as Partners (ASaP)  was created in 2013 by ADLI co-founder Julie Adams Strandberg and Rachel Balaban (Brown ‘80) to integrate research methods from the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences, and to demonstrate the positive impact of the performing arts for people with neurological disorders. ASaP works with both medical and arts practitioners to foster creative and integrative health practices, advocating for the recognition of the value of the arts within a holistic healing approach.

ASaP's goals are:

  • build mutual understanding and respect among artists and scientists for both the content and methodology of their practices
  • distinguish between the arts as practice (their intrinsic value) and the arts as therapy (their instrumental value) and to make a case for the specific benefits of “art making” for all individuals
  • provide supporting materials/arguments for physicians who would like to prescribe the arts for their patients
  • bring public awareness to the importance of an integrated approach to neurological disorders

In partnership with ASaP, ADLI collaborates in giving participants access to a true artistic experience as a vehicle for healing and growth that is then studied, quantified, and documented. ASaP partners with members of the international scientific, medical, and healing fields; offers Brown courses; and provides student research opportunities.