Repertory Etudes Project

Repertory Etudes Project (REP) was spearheaded by ADLI co-founders, Carolyn Adams and Julie Adams Strandberg. Conceived by Adams in the early 1990s, Repertory Etudes are short dances based on signature works of American choreographers, available to the public with unprecedented access for study, viewing, and performance.

Recognizing a need for wider engagement with great works of American dance repertory, Adams and Strandberg launched the commissioning of various Repertory Etudes along with teaching materials to accompany them. Until Repertory Etudes, dance was the only art form seeking to perpetuate its legacy and educate the next generation without providing the public with ongoing access to repertory and materials in the same way that anyone can study and perform music from Bach to Duke Ellington or theatre from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams.

A revolutionary concept in the field of dance, these challenging studies stand on their own as concert pieces and also as rich tools for improving dance technique and performance skills. They provide individuals, performers, and educators an invaluable resource for lifelong learning about dance. Repertory Etudes offer the opportunity to explore, discuss, and appreciate American dance’s personal and cultural relevance.

REP has worked in partnership with ADLI since inception, collaborating on multiple research projects, producing documentaries and educational resources, mounting exhibits, and engaging Brown undergraduates as apprentices.

Dancing Legacy (ADLI company-in-residence) is REP's designated staging and training company. Find out more on the Dancing Legacy website: