Kickstarting Public Humanities

February 14, 2013

If you are reading the Brown Center for Public Humanities blog, there’s a chance you know what Public Humanities means or you are trying to find out. It is an interesting irony that an interdisciplinary field focused on engaging the public goes by such a poorly understood term. It is our job, in part, to make the public humanities more understood and relevant by getting out “there” - wherever there happens to be. Today, “there” is increasingly a digital space. Kickstarter is a website that connects creative leaders with interested crowd-sourced funders, bringing the nitty gritty of humanities work into the public sphere.

To this end, the Brown Center for Public Humanities is now curating a Kickstarter page. This new site will highlight projects that engage with the principles and goals of public humanities work. By showing the breadth of work being achieved in this field, we aim to help others understand what we do. Our hope is that this increased understanding will pave the way for future collaborations.

Our curation policy is based on supporting emerging and established organizations and individuals working in publicly engaged arts and cultural projects, both for profit and not for profit. Additional commentary serves to make explicit the connection between the field of public humanities and the specific project.

 The page is curated by Abigail Ettelman and Paul Margrave. Both are currently students at Brown University studying for a Masters degree at the Brown Center for Public Humanities. Paul has a background in community-based arts and cultural activities in the UK, while Abigail is interested in making museums and archives more accessible and representative of broader populations. Their range of experiences and interests mirrors the diversity that exists within the field of Public Humanities.

Early projects that are included on the Brown Center for Public Humanities curated Kickstarter page include:

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If you have, or know of, a Kickstarter project that might fit with the Brown Center for Public Humanities's curated page, please contact Paul or Abby.


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