A Community Showcase of Digital Stories

May 7, 2013

What exactly is digital storytelling? Over the course of the Spring semester, students in Tyler Denmead’s ‘Digital Storytelling’ course have tried to answer this question while exploring the narrative possibilities of new media. On Monday, May 13th, we will showcase a range of our best work in the Digital Scholarship Lab at the Rockefeller Library from 4-6 pm. Because some things just can’t be digitized, this event will also feature brownies.

New digital tools have made it easy to create and share information with a wide audience. But these media – websites, digital shorts, even Powerpoint presentations – also have narrative potential that can reinforce or alter traditional storytelling formats. We have explored these digital tools through a range of story structures, including place-based and non-linear stories. Our work ranges from a personal family history to an interpretive album of astronomical images.

Storytelling is an inherently social act. What changes when stories are made and shared online? The Digital Storytelling Diversion on May 13th is our attempt to answer this question and to create an experience that merges digital and analog social engagement. We invite our audience to tweet responses, hashtag our work, and more.

 To learn more, please check out the Center for Digital Storytelling’s Youtube Channel, or look for #digistory on Twitter. And join us on May 13th!

For a preview, check out this personal story from Public Humanities superstar Elon Cook:

Following the showcase, student work can be viewed here: http://digibrownies.weebly.com/

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