Artist-driven Programming in Art and Culture Museums


Nightingale-Brown House

Museum programming has become increasingly more open, participatory, and collaborative—with artists, the public, and online communities. This is both a pedagogical strategy as well as a trend that aligns with how many contemporary artists are working. This workshop will explore one specific aspect of this model: the unique collaborations with artists. How do museum educators create effective programs that meet the goals of their institution while also forging a genuine collaboration with artists? How can programmers build an audience for these kinds of events? What are strategies for aligning these programs with the institution’s overarching mission? This workshop will present several case studies from the Whitney Museum of American Art as a means of examining effective artist-driven programs, and in turn, will allow workshop participants to begin developing such programs for their own institution.

About the Facilitator:
Margie Weinstein worked in the Education Department of the Whitney Museum for ten years, most recently as the Manager of Education Initiatives, from 2008 to 2013, where she oversaw all adult public programs for the institution. During her time at the Whitney she worked with a diverse range of artists and organized over one hundred artist-driven programs. She has also taught university-level courses and has a doctorate in cultural studies and comparative literature.

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