From Coachella to Providence: Latina History and the Struggle for Education Equity

April 28, 2005 to September 29, 2005
Carriage House Gallery, 47 Power Street
For rural Mexican families living in the Coachella Valley of inland Southern California, the 1970s is remembered as a difficult time, when a divisive “fight in the fields” between members of the United Farmworkers Union (UFW) and the Teamsters tore at the fabric of the local community. Although painful, these struggles inspired young Mexican Americans – many now identifying as “Chicano” – to question the treatment of Mexican people in all sectors of society, including education. The exhibition "From Coachella to Providence" is part of the research project Educating Change: Latina Activism and the Struggle for Educational Equity, which remembers the victorious struggle for bilingual education and educational equity for Mexican Americans.