Day of Public Humanities

> Multiple locations: see description for details

The Day of Public Humanities is a research, outreach and advocacy project intended to raise the profile of the work and labor conditions of public humanists, and to build connections and capacities among public humanist practitioners of all their various stripes. Post-doctoral fellows Jim McGrath and Robyn Schroeder, and graduate researcher Inge Zwart, have activated program alumni and faculty and our shared networks to spur questions and discussion.

Learn more on the Day of Public Humanities website, and go ahead and follow @DayofPH on Twitter already!

Doing Public Humanities

Doing Public Humanities is a public performance art installation on the Main Green, featuring public humanists working at or near a desk. Throughout the day, we will do work that usually takes place behind closed doors, in the middle of campus. By doing so, we hope to show members of the community (in person and online) what the "behind the scenes" work of public humanities looks like, and hence make the "invisible" or non-public labor of public humanities briefly visible. We want you to join us to make this installation dynamic and show multiple modes of working!

Researching for an exhibit? Mocking up an evaluation plan? Setting up a collaboration for a performance? Sign up for a one-hour slot here to "perform" (do) this work in public space for an hour. And don't delay!

Participants in Doing Public Humanities will receive a follow-up email clarifying the time/place and their (small number of) responsibilities to the installation. We ask that people who sign up for a slot commit to working there for the time that they are allotted.

Making the Humanities Public

Art activism opportunity: at noon, make your commitment to the humanities visible on the Center for Public Humanities’ lawn (in case of sun) or in the Center’s courtyard garage (in case of rain). The Center will provide small canvases and posterboard, markers, stencils, paint, paper + decoupage glue, and spraypaint. You provide the words, feelings, and artistic inspiration.

Students, staff, faculty, and community members, of all levels of comfort with writing and art-making, are welcome! If you'll participate, please RSVP here so we can get enough pizza--and don't forget to wear paint-friendly clothes if you'll be painting!

On the Day of Public Humanities, we encourage participants to email or tweet photos of their art signs, on the #DayofPH channel and/or to relevant political leadership.

Advocating for the Arts and Humanities

At 4 p.m. at Smith-Buonano 106, join state leaders from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, the Office of Library & Information Services for the State of Rhode Island, Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, and Rhode Island Public Radio, as they share their insights on how to advocate for more funding and more participation in the arts & humanities. They'll take questions during this one-hour event. More information on our esteemed panelists and the event itself is available here.