Dirt Palace at the Wedding Cake House


Nightingale-Brown House

Broadway property last occupied by the Tirocchi sisters and the couture design business that they ran from the location from 1915 to 1947. The renovation will develop artist in residence quarters which will complement the feminist residency program and facilities at the Dirt Palace's current location in Olneyville Square. 

Xander Marro is an artist and arts administrator who has been living the good life in the feminist sub-underground for too many years to count on her long bony fingers; her work is often about spiritual relationships to the material stuff of this world.  Pippi Zornoza is an interdisciplinary artist working in sound, performance, installation, video, and printmaking.  Marro & Zornoza are co-founders of the Dirt Palace and project managers of the Dirt Place at the Wedding Cake House initiative. 

Lunch at 11:50am.