The DoubleBack: Inquiries in Freedwomen’s Gaze: A site responsive performance and witness-driven conversation


St John_s Cemetery / Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island

A culminating site investigation of The DoubleBack, this performance is a inquires into the personal and industrial labor of remembering, applying transhistorical solidarity and ritual performance knowledges to play in the holes of the historical archive and build new thing/memory of Phillis, Fanny and Rose Chace.

Developed by Arielle Julia Brown, The Doubleback: Freedwomens’ Gaze is a site specific series of appearances and performances aimed at historical confrontation. Starting from archival knowledge of Fanny, Phyllis and Rose Chace, three Black women who were enslaved by the Chace family in 18thcentury Providence, this project has engaged various public spaces as a way of learning about the local influence of the Chace family . The performance series spanning December 2015-May 2016 is an investigation into communal storytelling as a modality of biographical repatriation. This project has come into existence through support from the John Nicolas Brown Center, The Center for Reconciliation and the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice as host institutions and community partners. This performance is devised in partnership with Adrian Blount, Catherine Braxton and Cherise Morris. The labor of this project is shared significantly with the staff and young people at Youth In Action who have, in addition to helping to research these women, also helped to build the exhibition and film media for this performance.