Exposing Yourself Online: Workshop for Public Humanists


Nightingale-Brown House

Being a Public Human is a difficult business. You're an artist, an administrator, a facilitator, an interpreter and a manager. How do you combine all these facets of your fabulous personality into one easy-to-digest online portfolio? Nate and Paul explore how to professionally present yourself online. Examine your aims, explore the strategies and options open to you and start thinking about how you are going to prepare for the job hunt when you graduate. The workshop was initially presented to recent graduates of the program as part of their practicum seminar. This new and improved experience has been refined and filtered to make it even more relevant to our needs. Bonus features! Additional internet meme and geek TV references!

Facilitated by Public Humanities Alums: Paul Margrave and Nathan Storring.

Participation in this workshop is restricted to MA Candidates in the Public Humanities program, or by special request to [email protected]