Hacking Heritage Unconference


Smith-Buonanno, Room 101

Hacking Heritage is a participant-led unconference for scholars, students, designers, artists, professionals and anyone else with an interest in cultural heritage, preservation and public history. It is an opportunity to discuss and debate issues related to cultural heritage; to design and prototype experimental heritage programs and interventions that reach new audiences; and to make new connections with the humanities scholars, preservation and community advocates, museum professionals, tactical urbanists and public artists who are at the forefront of rethinking cultural heritage and preservation programs for the 21st century.

Never been to an unconference before? All of the sessions are proposed and led by participants, but you do NOT have to lead a session in order to attend!

All of the sessions are proposed and led by participants. Read our About page to learn more about the kinds of questions and projects we hope to discuss and check out the Session Proposals page to see some of the early proposals that have come in.  Come if you see something you like, or come without seeing anything that piques your interest because we expect others to submit session proposals on the morning of March 12. Join us – it will be fun. Registration is now open!