How to Use Wikipedia As a Teaching Tool


Nightingale-Brown House

Many of us rely on Wikipedia, but how many of us have added or revised content on the online encyclopedia? How would you use Wikipedia with students in the classroom? What would you need to run an edit-a-thon with a cultural institution? What do aspiring Wikipedia editors need to know?

In this workshop, Jami Mathewson from the Wiki Education Foundation will talk about why Wikipedia’s quality is so important and how students can improve academic topics through a classroom assignment. In contributing content to Wikipedia -- one of the world's largest digital public humanities initiatives -- students gain skills in media literacy, fact-based writing, research, collaboration, and critical thinking. You’ll learn about best practices for using Wikipedia as a teaching tool and how Wiki Ed can support you and your students. Jami will also discuss the Wikipedia Year of Science and ways to participate in this initiative. This event will appeal to both teachers and students interested in the potential uses of Wikipedia in various educational contexts.

About Jami: Jami Mathewson develops partnerships with academic associations to increase participation in Wiki Ed’s programs, bring content expertise into the organization, and improve the availability of information related to their disciplines on Wikipedia. She identifies ways to support partners who are looking to promote the use of Wikipedia as a teaching tool on a large scale — including help with publications, printed materials, conference presentations, training new participants, and documenting metrics and outcomes.

This event is co-sponsored by the Brown University Library Center for Digital Scholarship, the Instructional Technology Group, and the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning. For more information, please email Jim McGrath ([email protected]).