Mashapaug's Neighbors: Stories from Beyond the Pond (ongoing)

May 3, 2013 to October 5, 2013
>> OFF CAMPUS LOCATION: see description for details

A hidden gem... a dumping ground... a source of life and inspiration... a spot to watch birds, chase frogs, and play baseball... a natural resource in need of remediation... a swimming hole... a place haunted by the remains of factories... part of a watershed... home.  

These phrases capture some of the ways that people describe Mashapaug Pond, the largest body of freshwater in Providence and the city's only remaining natural pond. Perched on the southwestern border of Providence, Mashapaug survived the eras of industrialization and deindustrialization forever changed by the presence of manufacturing and the growth of dense neighborhoods on its shores.

Mashapaug's Neighbors: Stories from Beyond the Pond, invites listeners to use their own cell phones to hear stories about Mashapaug Pond and the people who care about it. It uses interviews collected by Brown University students to describe how Mashapaug has been used for work and play in the past, the challenges it faces in the present, and the possibilities for the future.

Call 401-643-2578 to listen to the tour from your phone. The tour runs until October 6, 2013 at locations around the Pond. More information about the tour and the class that created it can be found at:

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